Necklace & Jewellery Repairs

We offer a huge variety of services for your necklace, perfect for getting it back to it’s shining former glory. We can repairs links, re-string and even add a replacement clasp! Our branch staff will inspect your jewellery for any signs of damage and supply you with a free estimate for repair. 

Repair Services For Necklaces

In-Time offer a professional jewellery repair service to restore your jewellery piece back to pristine condition. Our repair service for necklaces include:

  • Soldering broken or damaged necklace links.
  • Re-stringing pearl necklaces on either single or multi threads.
  • Adding a replacement clasp onto your necklace.
  • Lengthening / shortening of your necklace.
  • Re-shaping and polishing.
  • Rhodium plating white gold necklaces.